SALES ORDERS 2018-05-21T08:41:54Z 2018-05-18T04:43:51Z 7737245 7737245 SALES ORDERS 2018-05-21T08:41:54Z 2018-05-18T04:43:51Z Rosemary Wall rosemary_wall I cannot see any where to turn on Sales Orders in Accounts Plus - I have 2017 version installed. I know it was there when we bught the program many years ago - has it been removed from this version? question complete 8 4 1 comment 19530162 Robert Smeallie responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-18T06:18:26Z 2018-05-18T06:18:26Z Robert Smeallie robert_smeallie Hi Rosemary,<br /><br />Reckon was sneaky in calling it the "Customer Centre" unlike MYOB which called it "Sales". If you open the Customer Centre you will see all of the Customer-related functions including Invoices, Statement Charges, Sales Receipts, Received Payments, Adjustment Notes (for Goods returned) and Refunds.<br /><br />I hope that is what you were looking for.<br /><br />Regards<br />Robert Smeallie 0 19530185 Rosemary Wall responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-18T06:35:16Z 2018-05-18T06:35:16Z Rosemary Wall rosemary_wall Thanks for the suggestion Robert - I will have a better look when I go back to work but I don't think it is actually there either - I tried selecting Estimates to see if that would work but the program said that feature was removed and I can only look at previous Estimates. What I want to do is put a forward order in the system so that it takes items off the inventory list (we have only just added Inventory items)? I saw the Sales Receipts but not the Sales Orders?<br /> 0 19532142 Robert Smeallie responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-19T03:44:13Z 2018-05-19T03:44:13Z Robert Smeallie robert_smeallie You are right Rosemary. When I read your question it prompted me to add notes on creating Sales Orders in my Reckon User Notes and when I tried to follow the instructions in the Help file and I went to Preferences-Sales and Customers - Company Preferences&nbsp; there was no Enable Sales Orders control! The other things I listed earlier were not Sales Orders related. So I now join with you asking the same question. How do I activate Sales Orders?<br /><br />Robert Smeallie 0 19534231 Robert Smeallie responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-21T00:32:18Z 2018-05-21T00:32:18Z Robert Smeallie robert_smeallie Hi Rosemary,<br /><br />I tried creating a new company that was a Wholesaler, which would definitely need to use Sales Orders. I created the Inventory category which would involve Sales Orders in handling Back Orders, but when I tried to add Sales Orders to the Preferences -&gt; Sales and Customers -&gt; Company Preferences, there is still no sign of the Sales Order Checkbox. We can wait to see if Reckon gets back to us with a solution.<br /><br />Robert Smeallie 0 19534295 Rav responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-21T01:06:13Z 2018-05-21T01:06:13Z Rav ravsingh Hi folks,<br />I just checked in with the team around this, there is no Sales order function in Reckon Accounts Plus and there hasn't been any feature removals so would be interested in the versions you've used previously? 0 19534316 Robert Smeallie responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-21T01:29:50Z 2018-05-21T01:29:50Z Robert Smeallie robert_smeallie I was asked by another subscriber, Rosemary Wall, how to get Sales Orders back. I've only ever used Desktop Reckon Accounts Plus 2017 and 2018 and so I don't know when it was removed. It is still showing in the Help File as a function you can use and I can see some good reasons why it should still be included. <br /><br />Yes I realise it isn't one of the most used features in Reckon Accounts but nevertheless it is an issue for Rosemary Wall and she has posted a question in the forum about Sales Orders, and I was trying to help her out.<br /><br />Dare I say that MYOB has it still and some who have made the change to Reckon Accounting like me are wondering why it was removed.<br /><br />Robert Smeallie 0 19534395 Robert Smeallie responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-21T02:55:43Z 2018-05-21T02:55:43Z Robert Smeallie robert_smeallie Hi Rav,<br /><br />Apparently MYOB AccountRight had it in 2014 and QuickBooks 10 had Sales Orders. I can see why it was deleted as it was seldom used, but it would have been handy keeping the feature available for handling Sales Orders that generated Back Orders which then created Purchase Orders for the required items. Rosemary had a problem with outstanding orders.<br /><br />Robert Smeallie 0 19534706 Rosemary Wall responded to "SALES ORDERS" 2018-05-21T08:41:54Z 2018-05-21T08:41:54Z Rosemary Wall rosemary_wall Hi Rav &amp; Robert - yes we originally used Quickbooks and as time has gone on over the years and we have made our annual Licence renewal we have been transferred to the Reckon Accounts Plus program. We are a wholesale nursery and so inventory tracking was not something that we did (too many stock losses when you are producing live plants) but we have now decided that we need a way to track our stock against forward orders. I was hoping to be able to use the Sales Orders because it is the easiest way but if it is not there then I will have to sort my own little workaround using Invoices and maybe making everything worth zero and then going back and adding the correct prices whent he sale is complete so I don't get overdue accounts showing. If anyone has an easier brain storm - let me know. ! &nbsp; 0