Time zone conversion 2018-06-11T10:13:24Z 2018-05-18T12:16:43Z 7737357 7737357 Time zone conversion 2018-06-11T10:13:24Z 2018-05-18T12:16:43Z Angela Domenichelli angela_domenichelli As a CSM I need to log activities and emails according to my client's time zone so I can reference the time in a meaningful way to my clients.<br /><br />Acceptance criteria:<br />Convert times entered in my local time zone to the client's time zone<br />Display both times in Activities and CoPilot<br />Allow a toggle between my time zone and client local times in Global timeline<br /><br />Examples:<br />My client on the west coast and I am on the east coast.<br />1.&nbsp; I refer the client o an email was sent in the time according to my time zone.&nbsp; The client is unable to find an email at that time because of the difference in time zone.<br />2.&nbsp; I refer to a meeting from Activities in eastern time and the client thinks they did not attend because they do not see any meeting at that time on their calendar. idea cross_team_dependency cross_team_dependency, high 1 3 1 comment 19575745 Sai Ram Pulluri responded to "Time zone conversion" 2018-06-11T10:13:24Z 2018-06-11T10:13:24Z Sai Ram Pulluri sai_ram_pulluri Hi Angela, I understand your concern ,as per me handling time zones is really a bit complex, I am not good at helping on time zones specific.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />Redirecting this to our Product Manager to check the possibilities .<br /><br />Thanks for posting! 0