Quicken R8.10 issues build 2018-05-21T18:39:51Z 2018-05-18T13:09:35Z 7737388 7737388 Quicken R8.10 issues build 2018-05-21T18:39:51Z 2018-05-18T13:09:35Z don don_3507861 Quicken R8.10 issues build<br /><br />These are issues noticed under Quicken R8.10 issues build that was downloaded just a few minutes prior to leaving this feedback.<br /><br />The last window position when Quicken is closed is not restored at the next launch.<br /><br />Mouse stealing occurs at startup, shutdown and at several points in one-step update.&nbsp; My mouse is moved to the top left corner on launching and exiting quicken.&nbsp; Quicken should not be repositioning my mouse.&nbsp; It prevents me from using MY computer while quicken is performing a background operation.&nbsp; For example if I happen to be dragging a Different - non-Quicken window on my desktop, it will be repositioned when the mouse is moved.<br /><br />Clicking the "reconcile" button in a register always scrolls the register to the bottom before opening the reconciliation dialog window.&nbsp; This is a bug because I didn't scroll, I tried to open a new feature to take a different action.&nbsp; I want to see what date to enter in the reconcile dialog so my balance matches the statement.&nbsp; When Quicken decides to scroll my register from where I positioned it, it makes it harder to manage my finances.&nbsp; it is my computer, my register and my statement that I want to reconcile.&nbsp; Quicken should not scroll my data away.&nbsp; It's my computer and my time.&nbsp; I want to spend time managing my finances and quicken wastes my time making me manage the windows and splitter bars instead. problem active 10 8 1 comment 19530775 JM responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-18T14:30:25Z 2018-05-18T14:30:25Z JM joe_mayr Also, Register column width settings changed with this latest update and the option to make all similar registers the same doesn't work on all the registers, only some. 0 19533757 R Miller responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-20T17:48:45Z 2018-05-20T17:48:45Z R Miller r_miller_fpd7roae8x6yg Don,I tried to duplicate the scenarios you described regarding window positioning and mouse stealing, and I do not see any problem. Running Windows 10 Home, ver 1803. I'm not saying that this is not a bug. It may be. But it may be dependent on OS, or other factors. 0 19534499 ps56k responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-21T04:50:40Z 2018-05-21T04:50:40Z ps56k ps56k Saw the thread - and just did the R8.10 - Build - <br />all went fine...&nbsp; don't know if these worked the same in previous releases...but here is what we are seeing as related to the posted topic and orig observations.- <br />1 - overall Q2018 program window position is NOT saved - <br />.... R8.10 starts with a centered fixed sized screen <br />2 - don't see any weird mouse stealing control or movement,.... <br />mouse stays on screen at current position&nbsp; <br />3 - the Reconcile function DOES scroll the Register to the bottom,....&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />even when positioned up the Register to previous entries 0 19535054 Jim Stafford responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-21T13:47:30Z 2018-05-21T13:47:30Z Jim Stafford jim_stafford_hncd40skyxq0f I concur on the mouse stealing.&nbsp; Only when I'm working within Quicken, though.&nbsp; Every time Quicken pops up a box or new window, the cursor moves all the way to the top left corner and I have to drag it back down to where it should be, once I figure out where it is.&nbsp; It should just stay where it was, or snap to the default button in the new window or message box. 0 19535389 ps56k responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-21T16:01:56Z 2018-05-21T16:01:56Z ps56k ps56k I'm not seeing the mouse stealing action...<br />Just for tracking - could you list the exact actions taken that produce the effect...<br />so we can try and duplicate the scenario - 0 19535399 ps56k responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-21T16:04:52Z 2018-05-21T16:04:52Z ps56k ps56k Does it make sense to break out the 3 issues into separate threads&nbsp; <br />each with a highlighted title ?&nbsp; <br /><br />- Startup Window size and position&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /><br />- Mouse movement stealing&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /><br />- Reconcile Register causes scroll to bottom&nbsp;&nbsp; 0 19535569 UKR responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-21T16:49:25Z 2018-05-21T16:49:25Z UKR ukr_8027544 <p>&gt; "the cursor moves all the way to the top left corner"</p><p>Jim,<br />Do you have your Mouse Properties set to "Snap To" the default button in a dialog box"? (Control Panel / Mouse (Properties) / Pointer Options)</p><p>This will cause the mouse pointer to move if the dialog window does not have a default button programmed.</p><p>There have been numerous discussions here about "Snap To" in the past.<br />Until the Quicken programmers get around to fixing each and every dialog window in a future version of Quicken you might want to turn off "Snap To" mouse properties.</p> 0 19535629 ps56k responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-21T17:11:07Z 2018-05-21T17:11:07Z ps56k ps56k YES - just tried it - Win10 feature 1803&nbsp; <br />bottom left corner Menu --&gt; Settings --&gt; Devices --&gt; Mouse --&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />--&gt; Additional Options --&gt; Pointer Options --&gt; checkbox for SNAP TO - <br /><br />checkmarked --&gt; causes the bug ....&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />ie - start Q2018 --&gt; click on One-Step Update --&gt; <br />mouse jumps to upper left screen corner - <br /><br />Turn off (un-checkbox) the SNAP TO item ---&gt; NO BUG exhibited -&nbsp;&nbsp; 0 19535844 Jim Stafford responded to "Quicken R8.10 issues build" 2018-05-21T18:39:51Z 2018-05-21T18:39:51Z Jim Stafford jim_stafford_hncd40skyxq0f THANK YOU for giving me an explanation of what's causing this - that "snap to" is on and Q doesn't have a default button in these other windows.&nbsp; So now at least I know why Q is doing this when nothing else does.&nbsp; I'm not about to turn off "snap to" because I like it on for everything else.&nbsp; It's only Q having this problem. 0