Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released 2018-07-30T14:00:24Z 2018-05-30T21:58:54Z 7743134 7743134 Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released 2018-07-30T14:00:24Z 2018-05-30T21:58:54Z Quicken Marcus quickenmarcus Today we're starting the rollout of Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 (56.22432.100).<br /><br />The primary change in this release is to add support for a new way to connect to Capital One accounts.&nbsp; Here are the release notes.<br /><ul><li><b>IMPROVED</b>&nbsp;- Quicken and Capital One are in the process of upgrading the connection type used to download transactions. Quicken for Mac v5.6.2 is required for this change. Over the course of the next month or so, Quicken will start migrating customers to the new connection type. This change will happen over time. When this change takes place, your Capital One accounts will stop working and you will get a 351 error. Click on the Sign In button in the Account Status window to fix the issue which will prompt you to enter your Capital One username and password. Check the box next to each of your accounts to reauthorize them even if they've already been added to Quicken.</li><li><b>FIXED</b>&nbsp;- Fixed an issue in budget export where numbers over a thousand caused extra columns to be created.</li></ul>If you're interested in reading about other issues customers ran across in 5.6.0 and 5.6.1, you can read them in this <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//getsatisfactioncom/quickencommunity/topics/quicken-for-mac-2018-v5-6-x-released">forum post</a>.<br /><br /><b>Updates</b><br />5/30 - Initial rollout to customers. At the end of the day, we'll pause to evaluate if there are any major issues before continuing the rollout.<br />5/31 - 5.6.2 is available for all customers.&nbsp; If you're a Capital One customer, please take this update.&nbsp; If you're not a Capital One user, you can skip this update if you like.<br />6/15 - 5.6.3 is available for all customers.&nbsp; This fixes a file open issue where customers were hanging when trying to open their file.&nbsp; This was due to a bug in the automatically mark as paid feature for scheduled transactions. article installing_and_updating installing_and_updating, mac 73 32 2 comment 19554905 Concordman responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-05-30T23:23:06Z 2018-05-30T23:23:06Z Concordman concordman Exported a stock account to CSV format, lots not shown..Result in 5.6.2 shows lots expanded. Should this be fixed in 5.6.2?<br /><br />Another item, under bills &amp; Income Showing several billers set up under Actions<b> Pay With Bill Pay</b> &nbsp;which is not correct , how do i reset these to what they were previous to 5.6.2? 0 19556477 Quicken Marcus responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-05-31T16:04:02Z 2018-05-31T16:04:02Z Quicken Marcus quickenmarcus This is how the export feature works in 5.6.x.&nbsp; It exports all lots.&nbsp; There have been requests to provide an option that doesn't do that but that will take time to implement and won't appear in a point release.<br /><br />In regards to the Pay With Bill Pay.&nbsp; I also don't think that's new in 5.6.2.&nbsp; In other words, I think that has always worked that way in 5.6.x.&nbsp; If the Payee is a Bill Pay payee, the Pay with Bill Pay action button appears or if the scheduled transaction is set up as a Bill Pay schedule transaction.&nbsp; It sounds like you would rather see Mark as Paid?&nbsp; Are you in the situation where you have a scheduled transaction using a Payee that can be used for Bill Pay but you don't use Bill Pay?&nbsp; It sounds like we need to refine the logic for that button.&nbsp; It would be great to hear your specific circumstance so we can tweak in a future release.&nbsp; For now, there's still the menu (3 dots) that should have Mark as Paid active under it that can be used.&nbsp; The button is just a convenience. 0 19556887 Concordman responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-05-31T19:02:30Z 2018-05-31T19:02:30Z Concordman concordman I have several payees that I handle electronically via my bank , do not use the Quicken bill pay service, have several payees that charge the credit card, doesn’t appear that bill pay is the correct action , totally understand can mark these as paid. It would be nice to be able to action so that it’s more meaningful to what is going on..<br /> Let me add my vote to add the option as to how the PV is exported to a CSV file 1 19557129 Quicken Marcus responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-05-31T20:50:01Z 2018-05-31T20:50:01Z Quicken Marcus quickenmarcus Concordman, I just had a discussion with my team about your point regarding the Pay with Bill Pay button and we agree with you.&nbsp; We'll make it Mark as Paid in a future version mostly likely&nbsp;in 5.7. We will still have it say Pay with BIll Pay in the Payee section if it's an unscheduled payee.&nbsp; I have already created a feature ticket for adding the Export/Print Portfolio View without lots.&nbsp; I'm not sure when we'll get to this but it is on the list for the not too distant future and just depends on some other things we're working on.&nbsp; Thanks for bringing up both these items 1 19557374 Concordman responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-05-31T22:59:13Z 2018-05-31T22:59:13Z Concordman concordman @Marcus, anytime sir ! 0 19558717 Tom Bonner responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-01T15:32:31Z 2018-06-01T15:32:31Z Tom Bonner tom_bonner As I &nbsp;reported with 5.6.1 Account Status window doesn't seem to be accurately reporting the number of new transactions. Looks like it is not resetting to zero when the connection is successful but no new transactions are downloading. 0 19559152 David Birnbaum responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-01T19:13:40Z 2018-06-01T19:13:40Z David Birnbaum david_birnbaum_95v1e59yhn4vi <em>This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">After 5.6 upgrade, incorrect share amounts</a>.</em><br /><br /> My investment accounts, after the upgrade, all show incorrect share amounts. &nbsp;This is particularly obvious in several accounts which are now closed and should have zero balance, but have loads of shares. &nbsp;This definitely happened with the 5.6 upgrade, because the accounts showed the correct values in April.<br /><br />I don't see a way to fix this short of deleting all of the original "Add Shares" from 12/30/2016 where Quicken set up the original share balances. Is there a way to figure out how this occurred and fix it? &nbsp;It's messed up many share balances.<br /><br />Thanks. 0 Extremely annoyed. 19559169 Gotom responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-01T19:23:38Z 2018-06-01T19:23:38Z Gotom gotom I updated to this version 5.6.2 and proceeded to enter a split transaction - after the 25th split I began a search of visible columns for a list of all transactions matching one of the categories already listed, whereupon the file crashed leaving me to re-construct all the previous hours work. This has never happened to me in more than 10 yrs on Quicken. My rig is Mac OS 10.13.4 with 16GB. 0 19559183 smayer97 (QM2007, CDN user since '92) responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-01T19:30:14Z 2018-06-01T19:30:14Z smayer97 (QM2007, CDN user since '92) smayer97 A crash is never nice and clearly points to a bug but can you reproduce this?<br /><br />But also, it raises a question as to why you have a transaction with over 25 splits? Just want to make sure that you are doing things most efficiently and the way Quicken is designed to work best. 0 19559355 Gotom responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-01T21:18:11Z 2018-06-01T21:18:11Z Gotom gotom Yes - to reproduce start a new transaction - you can use the same category (mine are custom with format [cat:subcat] then fill the comment field with random characters - you can leave the amounts at 00.00. (I tested using ~18 splits - the one that crashed, my&nbsp;monthly credit card stmt - had upwards of 25 when it crashed). Now, search on a&nbsp;<br />term that may not be in your categories as shown (I was searching on one that hadn't been included yet but had been used before). My experience: first a beach ball spin, then the transaction disappeared.&nbsp; 0 19559367 Lucille responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-01T21:27:21Z 2018-06-01T21:27:21Z Lucille lucille_nob9tlizx6gb If you have 25 splits in your credit card statement, you don't have your credit card set up correctly in Quicken.<br /><br />The correct setup is to create a credit card account, enter charge transactions into that account as they occur...either through download (preferred, and easier) or manually.<br /><br />When it's time to pay your credit card statement, you create a transaction in your checking account using the credit card name in Quicken as a transfer account.<br /><br />In Quicken Mac, you can accomplish this many ways.&nbsp; Easiest is to add the "Transfer" column to your checking and credit card account registers.&nbsp; Then, in the checking account transfer column, select your credit card account.&nbsp; This will automatically transfer the payment to the credit card account, your balance will be lowered and you're all caught up.<br /><br />Credit card statements should NEVER have 25 split lines in a Quicken transaction.&nbsp; 1 19559542 RCinNJ responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-01T23:20:38Z 2018-06-01T23:20:38Z RCinNJ richard_cohn_e7i4kpkvwowad Gotom, I would never say never because I don't know what you are doing, but I agree with Lucille that I personally wouldn't use QM that way. I'm thinking that you are not downloading transactions and enter them all individually in the Statement each month? Even when I didn't download transactions as I do now, I grouped transactions by type-- for example, all Auto:gas as one line of a split. Using that method it's hard to imagine having 25 splits, but again I don't know your individual spending habits. In recent years I've downloaded my transactions and check the categorization as they appear. Doing that I can just pay the bill with NO or sometimes two splits. 0 19559689 Gotom responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T01:17:07Z 2018-06-02T01:17:07Z Gotom gotom What? D.l. transactions? What a novel idea . . ! Why dint I think a that? Somewhere back along the line I started entering each manually - maybe in days when my bank or cc didn't export in the right format for me old Q07, or before. Thank you thank you for reminding me of this! Ok, I still&nbsp;now&nbsp;have a whole bunch of split lines maybe as my own custom categories are so granular - but why's that a problem - I can still get category reports, no? Anyway - this w/b a huge timesaver for me - now all I have to do is edit the category. If I have several transactions for fuel I like that I can isolate each by date, gas station, etc. I'm still fuzzy on the Transfer thing - I like to pay from the bank's site where I can set the date to pay. I don't need the Transfer or Tag fields to show up do I? They make me tab across them to get to the amount - but when I tested an import thankfully they weren't there although they were still there in the transaction I entered manually. Anyway, thank you again RCinNJ and Lucille. BTW, one a my fav songs is Lucille from Fred Eaglesmith &amp; The Flying Squirrels!&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>&nbsp;Have a great weekend! Tom in Pacific Palisades, Calif. 0 19559775 Paul responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T02:22:02Z 2018-06-02T02:22:02Z Paul paul_2979043 Launch speed remains abysmal after upgrading from 5.5.7. I am seeing the same behavior noted in the 5.5.x thread -- Quicken process starts and immediately drops a beach-ball, then moves to "Not Responding" with minimal CPU usage. A sqlite3 process fires up as a child to the Quicken process and sites for 2 to 4 minutes consuming less than 1% CPU. &nbsp;Eventually sqlite3 pops to ~30% CPU for an instant, then the Quicken process starts responding, sqlite3 goes away, and Quicken hits 40% to 90% CPU as the interface appears.<br /><br />After starting Quicken and quitting, a subsequent launch is much faster, but still beachballs and stalls. 0 19560188 Lucille responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T14:27:57Z 2018-06-02T14:27:57Z Lucille lucille_nob9tlizx6gb For convenience in Quicken Mac, I would add the Transfer column to your checking account and credit card account.&nbsp; This makes it much easier to see and create the payment transfer from your checking account/to your credit card account.<br /><br />Quicken Mac is a bit unique compared to Quicken Windows in that you can use a category AND a transfer, and both don't have to be the same...but can be the same.<br /><br />In Quicken Windows, a transfer IS the category.&nbsp; If you've ever used Quicken Windows, this takes a bit getting used to in Quicken Mac.<br /><br />But you'll find it much easier to set up different credit card accounts, entering your transactions there (either through download or entering manually), then reconciling at the end of the statement and entering your payment into your checking account as a transfer to the credit card account.<br /><br />Using your own granular custom categories has no bearing on how you categorize the downloaded transactions.&nbsp; Continue being as granular as you like.&nbsp; Quicken Mac will remember the categories after the second or third time you download, as long as they are unique names.<br /><br />And paying at the bank's website also has no bearing in this.&nbsp; Enter the payment in Quicken first, then when you download the transaction the payment will match to the already entered transfer. 0 19560217 Katherine responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T14:52:11Z 2018-06-02T14:52:11Z Katherine stemkehale The last update Version 5.6.2 (Build 56.22432.100) seemed to fix my CPU overload problem. Saving a transaction no longer takes 40 seconds. Rather than 100.3% CPU usage I get 25%. 0 19560245 RCinNJ responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T15:21:46Z 2018-06-02T15:21:46Z RCinNJ richard_cohn_e7i4kpkvwowad Gotom wrote, "I don't need the Transfer or Tag fields to show up do I? They make me tab across them to get to the amount."<br /><br />I just want to remind you that you can drag the columns in the order you want. Perhaps drag Transfer all the way to the right so it's there if you need to check it. 0 19560280 smayer97 (QM2007, CDN user since '92) responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T15:45:38Z 2018-06-02T15:45:38Z smayer97 (QM2007, CDN user since '92) smayer97 Alternatively, you can turn on the option to use the Category field for both categorization and transfers:<br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1733471/RackMultipart20180602-14906-1r7rm6x-General_Settings_2018__-_Category_Long_Short__Transfers_in_Category_Field__Auto-open_Splits__Reconciled-mark_as_reviewed__Sidebar_Home_Currency__Automated_File_Backup_inlinepng1527954186" /><br /><br />Once caveat:<br />When this features was introduced in QM2017 v4.3, it was so you could use the Category field to enter transfers WITHOUT the need to have the Transfer field visible.&nbsp;<br /><br />The problem is that the developers did not correctly handled this very use case correctly, where a transaction that was once a recorded as a transfer is reused but when the user reuses that transactions, the user has no clue that the Transfer field is filled in AND provides no way provides no way to remove the transfer without making the transfer field visible, thereby defeating the very purpose of the new feature.<br /><br />The work-around is to make the Transfer field visible and remove that info.<br />BUT I also strongly suggest that you use the <b>Report a Problem</b> menu option to submit this issue to the developers to provide a better means of handling this situation.<br /><br />(If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.) 0 19560523 Gotom responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T19:38:28Z 2018-06-02T19:38:28Z Gotom gotom Lucille, I don't understand what Transfer is (n. or verb?) or why I need. I don't transfer money except between institutions then I use Deposit, +/- signs in the transaction. See, told you I don't understand it . . . &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />RCinNJ thanks for the dragging tip. <br /><br />smayer97 thanks for power to assign the function. 1 19560697 Lucille responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-02T22:33:13Z 2018-06-02T22:33:13Z Lucille lucille_nob9tlizx6gb OK...basic Quicken 101.<br /><br />Let's do it first without the Quicken terms.<br /><br />You charge things on your credit card.&nbsp; You get a monthly statement.&nbsp; You pay the bill from your checking account.<br /><br />The "paying the bill from your checking account" is the transfer part.<br /><br />So, you should always mimic what takes place in real life when you use Quicken.<br /><br />You set up a credit card account in Quicken.<br /><br />You enter your transactions in that credit card account, either through downloading or manually entering the bill.<br /><br />When its time to pay the credit card, you go to your checking account register in Quicken.&nbsp; In the Transfer column you click on the selection arrow and choose the account you are paying to bill TO.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />What this does is pay your credit card bill from your checking account...and ALSO creates a transaction in the credit card account to reduce your balance for the payment amount.<br /><br />You make ONE transaction...and it shows up in two places.<br /><br />OK, now for the visual.&nbsp; This is from my checking register:<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1733536/RackMultipart20180602-32702-n4tpjv-Screen_Shot_2018-06-02_at_32525_PM_inlinepng1527978348" /><br /><br />Notice that I have the Transfer column showing in the register by clicking on the Columns button at the bottom of the register and adding it to be viewable in the register.<br /><br />Then, in the Transfer column you can click on the arrow in the field and select the account you're "transferring" the money to as payment.&nbsp; In my case, I'm paying the bill from my checking account register and transferring $317.43 to my Costco Visa account.&nbsp; The category will then automatically have the Transfer:[Costco Visa] automatically entered for you.<br /><br />Now, go to the Costco Visa account register.&nbsp; There, enable the transfer column in the register by clicking on the Columns setting at the bottom.<br /><br />You'll see that there will be a corresponding payment in the Costco Visa account for $317.43 that's already been entered...and your register balance is reduced by that amount.<br /><br />That's how you handle a transfer in Quicken.<br /><br />You don't make entries in both registers.&nbsp; You make one transfer entry and the corresponding other end of the transfer shows up in the other register automatically.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />And you don't categorize everything with split lines with one payment transaction from your checking account.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />That's the root of your problem.&nbsp;&nbsp; 3 19561502 SK responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-03T16:45:00Z 2018-06-03T16:45:00Z SK sk_10anwqqcflsd9 As of 5.6.2 I am unable to update Fidelity NetBenefits accounts and receive an error&nbsp;OFX error #-1.<br /><br />And creating a new file does not fix the problem.<br /><br />pretty well documented here when is this going to be fixed?<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> 0 19562865 Dennis responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-04T14:02:01Z 2018-06-04T14:02:01Z Dennis dennis_7004148 SK it's not just 5.6.2. I was having same issue with 5.6.1 and hoped upgrading to 5.6.2 would fix it. No. I download transactions daily. My last successful connection was on 5/30. 0 19564071 Kay Kibby responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-04T21:15:10Z 2018-06-04T21:15:10Z Kay Kibby kaykibby1221 <em>This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Re: MAC V5.6.2. Export full budget to clipboard does not export cents, even if ...</a>.</em><br /><br /> Re: MAC V5.6.2. Export full budget to clipboard does not export cents, even if "show cents" is selected. I went back to 5.6.1 which still does. 1 19564344 Quicken Marcus responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-04T23:25:37Z 2018-06-04T23:25:37Z Quicken Marcus quickenmarcus Quicken Tamara reviewed people's logs and found that&nbsp;Fidelity is sending the wrong ID.&nbsp; Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac are considered 2 different clients and sometimes the banks and brokerages confuse the 2 when they make upgrades.&nbsp; In this case, Quicken Mac is sending the Mac Net Benefits ID and unfortunately, Fidelity is answering back with the Windows Net Benefits ID which doesn't match people's accounts and in turn causes the -1 error.&nbsp; We've made a request to Intuit who continues to own the relationship with the banks and brokerages to notify Fidelity of the issue and to get it fixed. 0 19564350 Quicken Marcus responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-04T23:27:39Z 2018-06-04T23:27:39Z Quicken Marcus quickenmarcus We're investigating.&nbsp; The launch performance fix in 5.6.2 was focused on customers with large numbers of investments and the speed improvements were around quote downloads and updates.&nbsp; If this doesn't apply to your account, you most likely won't benefit.&nbsp; We're working with a number of customers and investigating what is making their files slow. 0 19564361 Doug Blakeley responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-04T23:33:00Z 2018-06-04T23:33:00Z Doug Blakeley douglasblakeley Since update to QMac 5.6.x receive "<b>Warning: Pending payments to send."</b> when quitting Quicken. &nbsp;This is an old transaction which I cannot find in any of my registers or in the Bills &amp; income screen.<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1733803/RackMultipart20180604-122160-quhuno-Screen_Shot_2018-06-04_at_72922_PM_inlinepng1528155067" /><br /><br />Any thoughts on how to stop this error? &nbsp;QWin has file utilities, however, these do not seem to exist on the Mac version. 0 19564726 Paul responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-05T02:55:35Z 2018-06-05T02:55:35Z Paul paul_2979043 Thank Marcus. I have investment accounts back to 1999 (1740 entries in the largest one, 1406 in the next largest), my Securities list is 290 entries, and before I updated from Quicken 2007 I regularly had to clear price information from various symbols as they would get "full" and no longer update.<br /><br />The Securities window "Download quotes only for indices and securities held" checkbox is Checked.<br /><br />If that qualifies as stuff that would slow down launch, let me know if I can send you a log or whatever info you may need. 0 19565179 krm11 responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-05T11:14:23Z 2018-06-05T11:14:23Z krm11 kathy_muench Fidelity Net Benefits downloads are working as of last night. 1 19566541 Quicken Marcus responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-05T22:32:20Z 2018-06-05T22:32:20Z Quicken Marcus quickenmarcus I'm&nbsp;not able to reproduce this issue in v5.6.2.&nbsp; Every budget export and copy to clipboard includes cents for me.&nbsp; I do know there is an issue that when you turn on Show Cents in Preferences it doesn't immediately appear in the budget view.&nbsp; You have to switch to another view and then come back and then the cents appear.&nbsp; Could it be that you tried to export when the cents weren't showing up in Budgets?&nbsp; Is anyone else seeing this issue? 0 19566570 Quicken Marcus responded to "Quicken for Mac 2018 v5.6.2 & v5.6.3 Released" 2018-06-05T22:49:06Z 2018-06-05T22:49:06Z Quicken Marcus quickenmarcus Tom, I'm guessing this is working exactly as it did in 5.5.&nbsp; We haven't changed anything in this area.&nbsp; That's not to say it was working flawlessly before because it wasn't.&nbsp; This is a tricky area for us now that Quicken Connect accounts go through the Quicken Cloud and everything is considered a sync vs a straight download of transactions.&nbsp; For example, when someone edits a transaction with the mobile app, we don't necessarily know if its a "new" transaction or just a "modified" transaction.&nbsp; The Account Status window was designed for a different conceptual transaction model and we haven't gone back to update and redesign it.&nbsp; We're currently focused on other areas. 0