RemoteApp issues with Window Display Hierarchy and Right Click Menus 2018-06-04T23:19:22Z 2018-06-04T10:40:55Z 7745054 7745054 RemoteApp issues with Window Display Hierarchy and Right Click Menus 2018-06-04T23:19:22Z 2018-06-04T10:40:55Z Jay Antoney jay_antoney We were running FrontDesk 2017 over Terminal Services and not having a problem.<br />We've since migrated back to a desktop environment for lots of reasons however because our staff are required to work from multiple places and are often connecting over a VPN link, we've had to keep the FrontDesk application on the server.<br /><br />So we can present the application to users like a desktop program, were using Microsoft RemoteApp to deploy it so it acts like a normal application on their desktops.<br /><br />The problem comes in when the user wants to right click in the appointment book or when they open a client, then click on a button that would normally open another screen/pop up/etc. In this instance, the screen or right click menu simply doesn't show, takes 1-2 minutes or you have to take the focus away from FrontDesk and bring it back (ie: open your emails then go back) and the action you were trying to do appears instantly.<br /><br />The issue isn't that the program is taking a long time to respond or just not working. The problem seems to be with the way FrontDesk is written and the Display Hierarchy of windows.<br /><br />If you log onto the Terminal Server in a full remote desktop session, then Front Desk acts fine, is fast and works well.<br /><br />In testing this, we've been through a few different scenarios.<br /><br />Initial Configuration<br />- Windows Server 2012 R2<br />- Front Desk 2017<br /><br />Then we tried<br />- Server 2016 + FD 2017<br />- Server 2016 + FD 2018<br /><br />I'm a little stuck and not too sure where to go. Microsoft past KB articles points along the lines of it's how FD displays the window Hierarchy, possibly using a leaf-to-root method? But I'm not a programmer to comment further on that.<br /><br />Hopefully someone else might have a solution. question complete 1 2 1 comment 19564332 Andrew responded to "RemoteApp issues with Window Display Hierarchy and Right Click Menus" 2018-06-04T23:19:22Z 2018-06-04T23:19:22Z Andrew andrew_7104921 Hi Jay<br /><br />Welcome to the Smartsoft Community.<br /><br />For queries that are more technical in nature it is best that you deal directly with Smartsoft.<br /><br />Please open a support case on our website for further assistance: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link http//wwwsmartsoftcomau/support"></a> 0