installation problem 2018-06-15T04:31:20Z 2018-06-14T16:59:47Z 7750218 7750218 installation problem 2018-06-15T04:31:20Z 2018-06-14T16:59:47Z fghj cvbn fghj_cvbn I wanted to install 3D Mark but the progress stopped at 99%. Now it is automatically creating (I think endless) files and I can NOT delete these files. I really would appreciate your help problem 1 2 1 comment 19583840 FM_Jarnis responded to "installation problem" 2018-06-15T04:31:20Z 2018-06-15T04:31:20Z FM_Jarnis jarno_kokko The step at 99% takes a while since it copies about 3GB of files.<br />There should be no endless files. It should write about 500MB (the UI) to C:\Program Files\Futuremark\3DMark\ and then about 3GB to C:\ProgramData\Futuremark\3DMark<br />Did you use custom locations or these default locations?<br />To start over again you can try uninstalling, then manually deleting C:\ProgramData\Futuremark\3DMark\ folder and trying again 0