Patient Photos 2018-06-15T02:54:22Z 2018-06-15T02:33:21Z 7750473 7750473 Patient Photos 2018-06-15T02:54:22Z 2018-06-15T02:33:21Z Paul Bramley paul_bramley We currently capture patient photos using cameras attached to our reception desk computers however we often have patients in wheelchairs that can not approach the reception desk. Is it possible to use the web appointment book on a mobile device to capture a patient photo and directly attach it to the patient's file?   idea pending 1 2 1 comment 19583768 Timothy responded to "Patient Photos" 2018-06-15T02:54:22Z 2018-06-15T02:54:22Z Timothy tim_7104970 Hi Paul. Thank you for your suggestion. While this is not currently possible, a workaround in this scenario is to take the photo of the patient using a mobile device and transfer the photo to your computer to add it to the patient file. Alternatively, if your camera connects to your computer with a USB cable, you could also look at a USB extension cable so that it can reach a little further. 0