un-archive practitioner 2018-06-15T04:13:59Z 2018-06-15T03:50:47Z 7750486 7750486 un-archive practitioner 2018-06-15T04:13:59Z 2018-06-15T03:50:47Z Gabby Hugo gabby_hugo Could you please advise if it is possible to unarchive a practitioner and how to do this? question complete 2 2 1 comment 19583826 Steven responded to "un-archive practitioner" 2018-06-15T04:12:07Z 2018-06-15T04:12:07Z Steven steven_7107276 Hi Gabby<br /><br />To unarchive a practitioner, tick the <b>Show archived Practitioners</b> option on the Search on Practitioner screen.<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1735562/RackMultipart20180615-23120-14uqdrf-1_inlinepng1529035813" /><br /><br />While in the archived practitioner’s file, simply untick the <b>Archive</b> box to unarchive the practitioner.<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1735563/RackMultipart20180615-115268-ng4m50-2_inlinepng1529035851" /><br /><br />Please note that an unarchived practitioner doesn’t automatically appear in the diary, however, you can go to <b>System Information &gt; Appointment Book &gt; Columns</b> to add them back in. 0 19583828 Gabby Hugo responded to "un-archive practitioner" 2018-06-15T04:13:59Z 2018-06-15T04:13:59Z Gabby Hugo gabby_hugo thanks... 0