Ten Tips to Help With Morning Sickness 2018-06-19T17:45:28Z 2018-06-18T02:30:51Z 7751599 7751599 Ten Tips to Help With Morning Sickness 2018-06-19T17:45:28Z 2018-06-18T02:30:51Z Olivia olivia_5u0uzrzn6zt20 It's undeniable that morning sickness is difficult, but I've put together some helpful tips for next time you're feel queasy<b><i>.&nbsp;</i></b><br /> <b>1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Eat small portions but eat often. </b><br /><br /> When yourstomach is empty, the acids only have your stomach lining to turn to whichcreates a nauseatingfeeling. Though it might be difficult at times, try eating (orgrazing) on small portions during the day (snacks such as nuts, pretzels andfruit are great options).<b>&nbsp;</b><br /><br /> <b>2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Keep track of your sickness. <br /><br /></b>Although sickness during pregnancy might appear to be random and unexpected,there is more often than not a trigger. Keep a diary of each time you’re sick andlook back at any similarities, such as particular time of day or specific foods.It may be something you never expected like your colleague’s go-to afternoon snackthat’s triggering your nausea. <br /><br /><b></b><br /><br /> <b>3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Sniff lemons. <br /><br /></b>If you’re surrounded by smells that you can’t escape and they’re makingyou feel nauseated, a lemon is a strong fresh scent that will help you relaxand (hopefully) ease any queasiness you’re experiencing. <b></b><br /><br /> <b>&nbsp;</b><b>4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Include ginger in your day.&nbsp;</b><br /><br /> Ginger has been known to be a stomach soother. It’s activeingredient, gingerol is a natural anti-inflammatory and soothes the digestivetract. Try adding slices of ginger to your water, drinking ginger ale or gingertea, or even snacking on gingerbread or crystalized ginger to ease your nausea.&nbsp;<br /><br /> <b>5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Try eating cold foods over warm foods.&nbsp;</b><br /><br /><br /> If you’re experiencing severe sickness, try sticking to cold foodsrather than warm meals. The smell of cooking meals alone can be enough tocreate a nauseous feeling, so instead, turn to cold meals that require minimal prep.<b></b><br /><br /> <b>&nbsp;</b><b>6.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Drink plenty of fluids. <br /></b><br /><br /> <b>&nbsp;</b><b>7.</b><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b>&nbsp;<b>Foods to avoid.&nbsp;</b><br /><br /> There are many foods and beverages to avoid during pregnancybecause they can either harm the foetus – others can simply trigger nausea andvomiting in the mother. <br /><br /> &nbsp;Some foods knownto trigger sickness include:<br /><br /> <b></b><br /><br /> ·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Strongtasting vegetables<b></b><br /><br /> ·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Fatty foods <b></b><br /><br /> ·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Low qualitymeat, poultry, dairy products. <b><br /><br /></b><br /><br /> <b>8.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Take over-the-counter supplements. <br /></b>Many women turn to home remedies for handling morning sickness, butthere are over-the-counter treatments available to help reduce the symptoms ofnausea. These include magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, probiotics and omea-3fatty acids. <br /><br /><b></b><br /><br /> <b>9.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><b>Do moderate exercise. </b><br /><br /> This is probably the last thing you want to do while battling morningsickness, but moderate exercise, like walking, yoga or swimming are greatoutdoor activities that can release endorphins as well as help to relievedigestive pains. <br /><br /><b></b><br /><br /> <b>10.&nbsp; </b><b>Use essentialoils. <br /></b>Essential oils including lavender, chamomile, peppermint and lemoncan help women to feel relaxed. Some women say oils help in calming nausea, reducingcramping and boosting mood and/or appetite. Using a diffuser or adding drops ofthese oils to a bath are popular ways to feel the benefits.<b> <br /></b> idea 1 2 2 comment 19591696 Pregnancy.Org responded to "Ten Tips to Help With Morning Sickness" 2018-06-19T17:45:28Z 2018-06-19T17:45:28Z Pregnancy.Org grace_skogen Thanks for taking time to share! 0