Clinical notes via web plus? 2018-07-12T02:43:30Z 2018-07-09T05:42:45Z 7761391 7761391 Clinical notes via web plus? 2018-07-12T02:43:30Z 2018-07-09T05:42:45Z Catherine Crestani catherine_crestani Is there a way to write clinical notes when you are not on a computer and using the web based version? We are a mobile clinic and it would be great if you could do this in the session out on the road. question complete 3 7 6 comment 19634183 Ellee Wynne responded to "Clinical notes via web plus?" 2018-07-12T01:10:06Z 2018-07-12T01:10:06Z Ellee Wynne ellee_wynne Yes this would be amazing, we really struggle without having this option 0 19634267 Jarrad Kennington responded to "Clinical notes via web plus?" 2018-07-12T02:02:25Z 2018-07-12T02:02:25Z Jarrad Kennington jarradkennington I agree! This would be a game changer for us doing home visiting. 0 19634320 Timothy responded to "Clinical notes via web plus?" 2018-07-12T02:43:30Z 2018-07-12T02:43:30Z Timothy tim_7104970 Hi all. At this stage, the Web Appointment Book doesn't include clinical note functionality as some of the advanced clinical notes features would not map easily into a web browser. There are some options for connecting into your systems remotely when wanting to access clinical notes and all its advanced features. For more information, please contact the Business Care team at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link http//wwwsmartsoftcomau/contact"></a><br /><br />To keep you in the loop, we have started development on our cloud/browser-based product and clinical notes will be an integral part of this. Before we get bombarded, we can't provide a release date at this time. What we can say is that the new product will be able to handle the complexity of real-world practice needs and will have the efficient workflows that you're currently used to in the desktop version of Front Desk. 0