IMPORTANT INFO: New processes for connecting ANZ bank accounts to BankData 2018-09-24T23:52:48Z 2018-09-06T06:12:46Z 7788644 7788644 IMPORTANT INFO: New processes for connecting ANZ bank accounts to BankData 2018-09-24T23:52:48Z 2018-09-06T06:12:46Z Rav ravsingh The ANZ has upgraded its direct feed management system to better service business needs.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br /> It is a self-service system that&nbsp;<br /><br /> <ul><li>Automates the bank feed registration process;</li><li>Provides faster approvals (in most cases the same day);</li><li>A one-time transaction history dump (maximum of 1 year of history);<br /></li><li>Expansion of the type of accounts supported - in addition to Transactional, Savings and Business One credit cards available currently, you can access:</li><li>Loan Accounts</li><li>Term Deposits and other Certificates of Deposit</li><li>Commercial Credit Cards – Business One, etc</li><li>Consumer Credit Cards – Rewards, Frequent Flyer</li><li>Funds Management Accounts</li></ul> <b>THESE NEW PROCEDURES COMMENCE ON MONDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2018.</b><br /><br /> &nbsp;<br /><br /> <b>The steps you’ll need to take to add an ANZ bank account:</b><br /><br /> 1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; New users to Reckon BankData must purchase a BankData licence:<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;Reckon One - purchase the BankData Module for their Book<br /></li><li>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;Reckon Accounts (Hosted and Desktop) go to&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>&nbsp;&gt; Activate</li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> 2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;You will need your Reckon&nbsp;<b>Username&nbsp;</b>or&nbsp;<b>UserID</b>, and registered&nbsp;<b>email address.</b><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /> 3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Login to the&nbsp;<b>ANZ website</b>&nbsp;and go to “Manage Bank Feeds”<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;Profile menu:</li><li>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1750148/RackMultipart20180906-49464-1t9uvvn-ANZ3A_inlinejpg1536211791" /></li></ul><b>OR</b><br /><ul><li>Quick Link:<br /></li><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1750147/RackMultipart20180906-101566-n97x25-ANZ3B_inlinepng1536211775" /></li></ul> &nbsp;<br /><br /> 4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Click on the&nbsp;<b>Activate a new bank feed</b>&nbsp;button:<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1750160/RackMultipart20180906-122973-90jusf-ANZ4_inlinepng1536212233" />&nbsp;&nbsp;</li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> 5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Select&nbsp;<b>Reckon&nbsp;</b>as the software platform<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image:" /></li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> 6.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Enter your&nbsp;<b>Reckon Username</b>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<b>UserID&nbsp;</b>(<b><i>Reckon One users can enter Reckon1</i></b>&nbsp;here), and your Reckon registered&nbsp;<b>email address</b>;<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1750163/RackMultipart20180906-101566-1tl0gip-ANZ6_inlinepng1536212351" /></li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> 7.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Select the&nbsp;<b>accounts&nbsp;</b>you wish to add to your BankData record:<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1750164/RackMultipart20180906-82374-hh00rl-ANZ7_inlinepng1536212371" /></li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> 8.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Select the amount of&nbsp;<b>historical transactions</b>&nbsp;you want:<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" /></li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> 9.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Review and confirm:<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" /></li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> 10. Submit your request:<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1750168/RackMultipart20180906-81521-19b1t6j-ANZ10_inlinepng1536212481" /></li></ul> &nbsp;<br /><br /><br /> 11. By the end of the day you should have access to your historical transactions<br /><br /> 12.&nbsp;From the next business day the daily update process will begin.&nbsp;<br /><br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br /> First download of a new account is the transactional history.&nbsp; Please consider the download allowance of your BankData Plan – you may need to upgrade your plan to process the transactions for the historical period you requested.&nbsp; You can then downgrade your plan back to your preferred level before your subscription renews.&nbsp;<br /><br /> &nbsp;<br /><br /> Reckon One users will need to adjust the&nbsp;<b>Bankdata –retrieve last</b>&nbsp;value in Administration&gt; Settings &gt; General&nbsp; &gt; Book Settings, to ensure they can view all of their transactional history download – maximum is 365 days.<br /><br /> <ul><li>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1750169/RackMultipart20180906-111979-1ulq6la-ANZ22_inlinepng1536212532" /></li></ul> <br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /> That’s it! You now have your history of transactions which will now be updated daily. article 10 1 1 comment 19772543 John G responded to "IMPORTANT INFO: New processes for connecting ANZ bank accounts to BankData" 2018-09-24T23:52:48Z 2018-09-24T23:52:48Z John G johngajewski_reckoncomau &nbsp; &nbsp; 0