Family search for dummies 2018-09-17T00:57:38Z 2018-09-16T19:58:33Z 7793398 7793398 Family search for dummies 2018-09-17T00:57:38Z 2018-09-16T19:58:33Z Daniel Vaughn daniel_vaughn_8v1lmac5i5nej All I do is move through the site not being able to find anything I want to or need to. I want a place where as a member I or anyone else can ask certain question about their family. Example: I just learned that my family name of Wallace married into the family tree of Taylor and came across the plains into Utah. This is the first time that I had heard of this. I'm so excited to learn of this but I want historical information. Like who in my Wallace line married into the Taylor line. We were informed that our line was know as the lost Wallace sisters. Now I'm not sure if it was Wallace sisters who tie into the Taylor's. I've spent endless hours with no results. Ask me if I'm irritated. I even went as far as going to the family search offices in Riverton to help me find answers to my questions with no resolution. I'm to the point of just giving up because it seems I am asking questions that I have no right to ask. All I want are answers to the marriage line from conception on up to present day. idea 3 3 1 comment 19759793 Tom Huber responded to "Family search for dummies" 2018-09-16T20:12:34Z 2018-09-16T20:12:34Z Tom Huber thomas_nevin_huber Welcome to the community support forum for FamilySearch. FamilySearch personnel read every discussion thread and may or may not respond as their time permits. We patrons (users), having various levels of knowledge and experience do our best to help each other with concerns, issues. and/or questions. <br /><br /> FamilySearch sources are very limited, In addition, the approval process for any church publication takes a long time. Changes are happening so fast, that by the time a new edition of a publication on FamilySearch is approved, additional changes in the site (which can happen many times a day) render any approved publication obsolete. <br /><br /> There are some training materials in the FamilySearch wiki, but they are very limited and more pointed toward specific tasks and dealing with specific research needs. It, like Family Tree, is an open edit resource, which means that anyone with the knowledge can add to the FamilySearch wiki. Approval to edit and create take a business day or two, so if you have something to contribute, please. There are many areas that lack specific knowledgeable information. <br /><br /> As far as using the FamilySearch site, FamilySearch has approved The Family History Guide, an independent site that provides lessons, and how to instructions, along with exercises to try, for FamilySearch, and also for those interested, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and Findmypast sites. It, located at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> is highly recommended by those who have used it and has been approved for use with FamilySearch. <br /><br /> You've covered a lot of different frustrations. If you could, please open each individual frustration in its own discussion thread in this forum. That way, we can address the concerns and offer suggestions on how to overcome the frustration (workarounds or what works and what doesn't). 0 19759931 Juli responded to "Family search for dummies" 2018-09-16T22:15:14Z 2018-09-16T22:15:14Z Juli juli_4397218 Some of the terminology used in genealogy sets up unwarranted expectations in those new to the field: we talk about "finding your family tree", as if it were something that already exists somewhere, all researched and assembled and ready to go (or if you're into metaphors: all green and leafy and ready for your spade) -- if you could just ask the right questions or look in the right place. <br /><br /> That's not how it actually works. <br /><br /> The basic element of family history research is to start with what you know, and use that to work your way back, one step at a time. <br /><br /> If you happen to be related to people that other genealogists are also interested in, such as early Mormons or European aristocrats, then once you get back far enough to make the connection, the rest of your work may already be done for you. The trick is to get there on solid footing: don't skip steps in your eagerness. <br /><br /> I do recommend exploring the wiki on FamilySearch: it has some good information about research methods and the available materials for various parts of the world. For instruction in using the complicated and vast critter known as FamilySearch's website, especially the collaborative Family Tree part of it, I second Tom's recommendation above for the Family History Guide. 0 19760117 Daniel Vaughn responded to "Family search for dummies" 2018-09-17T00:57:38Z 2018-09-17T00:57:38Z Daniel Vaughn daniel_vaughn_8v1lmac5i5nej Juli <br /> I do have early Mormons family history! I just want to learn it! I also have a family tree on file! VAUGHN TREE through me and my sister Tiena Vaughn Cowden! The Taylor line found out about me through my DNA on file. I'm the only one in my family who did their DNA that I know of. 0