Is the data theft email protection working? 2018-12-09T21:23:15Z 2018-12-08T21:19:26Z 7827357 7827357 Is the data theft email protection working? 2018-12-09T21:23:15Z 2018-12-08T21:19:26Z hsfrotten hsfrotten In the past when i signed into my gmail or on some websites i always got this message"trendmicro stopped data leaving your computer" the browser name(in this case google chrome) then it would say "email" I used to have to temporarily disable it to sign in to those sites. not that I minded. It showed me trend doing its job but recently in the last few days that stopped happening. I checked protection is enabled i even did scans to make sure. Is this behavior normal or should i be worried? question 3_wait_for_customer 3_wait_for_customer, 3_replied, 1_case_ts 1 2 1 comment 19896174 TM_X responded to "Is the data theft email protection working?" 2018-12-09T21:23:15Z 2018-12-09T21:23:15Z TM_X josephine_hipolito Hi hsfrotten,&nbsp;<br /><br />The message is due to the Data Theft Prevention (DTP)&nbsp;feature of the Trend Micro program which prevents the processing of internet data when your personal info (e.g. email address, credit card details) is being used by the website. The message stopped appearing due to any of the following:&nbsp;<br /><ol><li>Data Theft Prevention feature is turned off.</li><li>The information that you want to protect is not appearing on the websites you're trying to access.</li></ol>To check if DTP is turned off, please follow below instructions:&nbsp;<br /><ol><li>Open the Trend Micro main console.</li><li>Click on the<b> Privacy</b> tab.&nbsp;</li><li>The configuration of DTP is shown on its left. If it is indicated that it is <b>Off</b>, click on <b>Configure</b> to turn it on.&nbsp;</li></ol>Let me know how it goes. ;)&nbsp;<br /><br />^X 1