First time visit...maybe last... 2018-12-09T15:59:17Z 2018-12-09T02:24:26Z 7827423 7827423 First time visit...maybe last... 2018-12-09T15:59:17Z 2018-12-09T02:24:26Z Dennis Phillips dennis_phillips_h8obdupihswf7 Lousy site for a first time user. NO instructions! No prompting! How do you put in data - maiden names or married names? I doubt I will ever gcontribute ot return to this site. I enter data (as I know ir, but if you are not happy with what is put down it DISAPPEARS! @Wasted probably an ;hour or mirw. THIS IS NOT ENJOYABLE! idea 6 5 1 comment 19895466 Tom Huber responded to "First time visit...maybe last..." 2018-12-09T02:33:38Z 2018-12-09T02:33:38Z Tom Huber thomas_nevin_huber Every program and site has their unique natures. Genealogy is no different when it comes to the different kinds of sites that are available. FamilySearch is a very complex site and offers a lot of opportunities for finding information about our ancestral families and their descendants. <br /><br /> First of all, this is a free site, available at no cost to you. It isn't out to impress anyone but does have some goals in mind. Those goals include record preservation and where possible, making those records available to you either through the site or via one of the many Family History Centers and affiliate libraries spread around the world. <br /><br /> The owners of the original records control access and in some cases, at-home access will not be available. <br /><br /> Family Tree is not entirely unique, but it is <u>a single tree that is a collaborative effort, built around an open-edit model</u>, allowing any person, <u>including yourself</u> to add to and make changes on any person who lived throughout history, including all of our deceased relatives. <br /><br /> There is no "my tree" in FamilySearch FamilyTree — it is a tree for all mankind with the goal of establishing one record for each person who has ever lived on the earth, is now living, or will live in the future. <br /><br /> There are sites that support independent trees and building them. FamilySearch is not one of those sites. <br /><br /> If you are unfamiliar with how to work with the massive tree (now containing over 1.2 Billion persons), The Family History Guide (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) is an approved training resource. It not only contains procedures for working with the site and the massive tree, but also exercises for you to use. <br /><br /> You will find errors in the tree because it is an open-edit system. If you have found errors, you need to know why those errors are there. It could be that someone incorrectly combined another person's tree with your relative. It could be that someone found a source that they thought applied to your relative, but it did not. It could be that someone knew that their information was correct and entered that. <br /><br /> That same open-edit nature allows you to correct those errors, provide sources to support your conclusions and add reason statement why you believe the conclusion you have entered is correct. You can communicate with those who have recently made changes to your relatives via the internal FamilySearch messaging system. They have the choice to respond or not respond -- it is up to them. 0 19895467 Tom Huber responded to "First time visit...maybe last..." 2018-12-09T02:35:44Z 2018-12-09T02:35:44Z Tom Huber thomas_nevin_huber You mentioned entering a maiden name. <br /><br /> No one is born married. For women, their birth name contains their maiden name and is entered as their name in the vitals section when you create a record (or edit an existing one). You can enter their married name as an alternative name in "other information" section of their record. 0 19895497 Juli responded to "First time visit...maybe last..." 2018-12-09T03:31:43Z 2018-12-09T03:31:43Z Juli juli_4397218 Dennis, I'm having a hard time interpreting your comment <em>"if you are not happy with what is put down it DISAPPEARS!"</em>. Who is "you"? The user, or the site? If the latter, when are you experiencing this disappearing act? In my experience, FamilySearch's Family Tree is among the more forgiving sorts of genealogical software, even allowing things like numerals in names. <br /><br /> I agree that the site is not easy for new users to navigate, with lots of mystery meat buttons, and interface signals that contradict normal conventions and expectations. (You can never tell whether clicking something will do something in your current tab or open another tab, for example.) I also agree that there is precious little by way of new user help: there's no comprehensive user's guide, and the help functions practically require their own help function to navigate. <br /><br /> All that said, however, the site has its merits. First and foremost, it's totally free, and offers access to all sorts of primary source documents that make genealogy remarkably easy. FamilySearch's repository of documents, both indexed and unindexed, has allowed me to research a thousand-person offline tree without ever traveling any further than my computer screen. Second, FS's Family Tree communicates almost-seamlessly with that vast repository, making a properly sourced collaborative genealogy far easier to achieve than on Geni or even WikiTree. <br /><br /> Have you explored the Help dropdown at the top right of your screen? One of the items there is "Getting Started", and the resulting page is all about Family Tree: "What is Family Tree and how do I use it?" Start there, and see if it helps. 1 19895543 Brett responded to "First time visit...maybe last..." 2018-12-09T04:54:23Z 2018-12-09T04:54:23Z Brett brett_gazeley Dennis <br /><br /> Agreed, "Family Tree" and "FamilySearch" are daunting to the newcomer. <br /><br /> I do not know, whether; or, not, you are a Member of 'The Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint's', if you were a Member of the Church you would more than likely already be aware of "Family Tree" and "FamilySearch". <br /><br /> If you were a Member of the Church, there are Members within each congregation, to assist; and, to teach, other Members, all about; and, how to, use "Family Tree" and "FamilySearch". <br /><br /> So, I suspect that you are not a Member of the Church; but, that is not the issue here. <br /><br /> Here is a way to get help, in person, with "Family Tree" and "Family Search". <br /><br /> If you 'Select' the "Help" in the Top Left-Hand-Side Corner of the page/screen; and, then, 'Select' the "Contact Us" line, on the Right-Hand-Side of the resulting page/screen, you will see a Heading of "Find a Family History Center". <br /><br /> Hopefully, you will see a list, with the address and the telephone number, of the nearest "Family History Centres" of the Church to you. <br /><br /> Contact one of those Centres nearest to you, find out their 'Hours of Operations'; and, then, go along to one. <br /><br /> The Volunteer Staff at the Centres will be only be too please, to assist; and, to teach you, all about; and, how to, use "Family Tree" and "FamilySearch". <br /><br /> Do not be concerned about going to one of the "Family History Centres" of the Church, the Centres often have Volunteer Staff who are not members of the Church; and, there are countless non-members of the Church who visit these "Family History Centres" on a regular, almost daily basis. <br /><br /> Go on, give it a go, you have nothing to loose - in fact, you may find that "Family Tree" and "FamilySearch" is not as bad as you first thought. <br /><br /> I wish you all the best in you "Genealogical" endeavors. <br /><br /> Kind Regards <br /><br /> Brett <br /><br /> from "Down Under" <br /><br /> ps: You may have picked up on my spelling of "Centre"; as opposed to, "Center". 0 19895601 David Newton responded to "First time visit...maybe last..." 2018-12-09T08:31:26Z 2018-12-09T08:31:26Z David Newton david_newton_4926l90om0qdr He must be referring to the 20 minute content disappear feature. That stupidity strikes again. As I have repeatedly said previously this feature has no place on non-public computers: it's just extremely clumsy CYA by Familysearch. Oh and the site does NOT keep you logged in for 2 weeks if you tick the box. It keeps you logged in for 20 minutes, just as if the box were not ticked, and then tbe only thing it does is automatically logs you back in, losing any unsaved work in the process. <br /><br /> How are new users supposed to know about this failure? I can't blame them for being angry when they find out about the hard way. 0 19895797 Juli responded to "First time visit...maybe last..." 2018-12-09T15:59:17Z 2018-12-09T15:59:17Z Juli juli_4397218 It's either the timeout, or maybe the place/date standardization? The latter doesn't usually make things disappear, but it's a better fit for the anthropomorphizing "not happy with" part of the comment. 0