Your software prompted me to provide Feedback... 2019-01-10T03:41:28Z 2018-12-29T22:49:17Z 7834877 7834877 Your software prompted me to provide Feedback... 2019-01-10T03:41:28Z 2018-12-29T22:49:17Z abfenton abfenton Given, when compared to other well known software packages available today, that 'Trend Micro Maximum Security' is relatively young and yet has some praise worthy qualities. But this correspondence is not to praise that which already exists but to note the single gaping flaw in this package. I've utilized a variety of popular brands all of which offer the same functions provided in Trend Micro Maximum Security except for what today has to be a CRITICAL function and that is a "Boot Time Scan". I am unable to find it anywhere in this package and as a result will more than likely be returning to one of the Well known brands offering Complete Coverage for my families computers, laptops &amp; phones. I will be interested to see if Trend Micro improves its product to compete with the more favored brands of leading the ratings today. Respectfully. Ashley (2018)<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem 3_wait_for_customer 3_wait_for_customer, 3_replied, 1_case_ts 1 2 1 comment 19944840 TM_Iya responded to "Your software prompted me to provide Feedback..." 2019-01-10T03:41:28Z 2019-01-10T03:41:28Z TM_Iya ma_christine_pedraja Hi <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">abfenton</a>,<br /><br />Trend Micro Security program uses Early Launch Anti-malware (ELAM) to detect the infected system file that is required to start Windows. Some malware infect a valid system file, a critical file that is part of an operating system to prevent the Trend Micro software from detecting them. <br /><br />Windows 8 introduces a new feature called Secure Boot, which protects the Windows boot configuration and components, and loads an ELAM driver. The ELAM driver starts before other boot-start drivers and enables the evaluation of those drivers and helps the Windows kernel decide whether they should be initialized. <br /><br />The ELAM runs while the computer is booting and will close when the computer loads the Operating System successfully, that is why there's no option to run it on the Trend Micro Console.&nbsp;<br /><br />If you have other question, just let me know.<br /><br />~Iya 0